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Aleksandar Boskovic On 03/06/2017

Is the off road track still open, I mean do you still drive there? I only see the events from 4 years ago.

Okesaja (link) On 05/04/2016


Keenan_K_White On 18/02/2016

Hi guys I just arrived in Doha and would like to come out to watch you guys run tomorrow 19-02-2016 I am staying at the Alliwan Suites will you guys be there tomorrow if so what time ? Please Email me
Thank you

Daniel Rowlands (link) On 23/06/2014

I'm working in Muscat, Oman - really hoping to come across and race with you all ar your great track soon

Rico Malit On 22/10/2013

Can we watch together with my friends your car racing during friday at aspire? We are not a member on your QRCRG group.

QSC Welcomes Us! On 31/01/2012

I have been to QSC this afternoon to know personally what is the real score of the place and the possibility of our group to use the race track. I first meet the RC Airplanes in-charge (Mr. Jamal is new to me) while the RC Cars section head was praying. Mr. Jamal said that everybody is welcome to use the race track any working time of the week and after the noon time prayer on Fridays, all Fridays of the month. If we already informed them of our race schedules then all will be arranged so we can freely use the race track.

Then I finally meet the RC Cars section head. He is Nasser Al Darwish (I knew him since 3 years). He welcomes all members of our group to use the race track (same as what Mr. Jamal told me) and on Fridays from 1pm to 730pm. Aside from the race stand they have also the working tables and workshop complete with air-compressor to clean our rc cars. The race track is lighted and maintenance is by them.Before going home at the reception, as I was collecting copies of the registration form, the QSC Director (I did not clearly got his full name) came, they introduced me and he also gladly said we are all welcome to the club.

The condition is very simple - we just need to be a member. Fill-up a form and pay the corresponding fee. If we become members then we can request what we need to fully enjoy our rc races. The key is to become members then we will have the voice to demand what we like to improve in the club and the facilities.

So for me the gestures they all showed to me today are completely opposite to the indirect messages we get before.

I need your honest opinion and questions in order for me to further facilitate this matter to the benefit of the group. More benefits are in store for us like permanent, secured race track and a chance to have the MYLAPS SYSTEM free. This is just a solution I consider to the problems we are facing lately.

Lost_odeassy On 06/01/2012

Great Pics!!

Adrian Araneta On 06/01/2012

Nice effort Gael, keep the great work! Cheers

Jay On 31/12/2011

Pls send me the file of photos nos. 3787, 3778, 3754, 3768, 3718, 3794, 3732, 3756, 3761, 3824, 3786, 3733, 3766, 3820, 3822, 3883, 3758, 3772, 3788, 3755


Jay On 27/12/2011

Click the link below and click the English flag to translate

Ranga Gurusinghe (link) On 27/12/2011

This is really a great work should be appreciated. Keep it up these stuffs and organize more event. let's brings RC habit more into people mind.. hail you guys........ hope to be there on 30th of Dec but only to watch because still i don't have a RC nitro car although i love having one.

JAY On 27/12/2011

This is great! now it's really coming to shape.

Lhancelot On 26/12/2011

Very nice Gael...nice work QRCRG is roaring ahead..

RC Racing Car 1/8 Off Road in Qatar

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